Animals Central

Animals. All Kinds...on the ground, under the ground, in the air, in water, and on the ice. 8.7 million species of animals are our neighbors here on good ole Planet Earth and they will be for billions of years more.

Most of these animals we as humans never see or even know about. We want to introduce those animals to you, whether you are young or old and wherever you live on Planet Earth.

Animals Central has been in development for some time and we are excited to show you the Animal World! Every Animals Central volume will be loaded with animal books, videos, sounds, podcasts, jokes, poems, coloring pages, and other surprises!

We promise to educate, teach, inform, excite, thrill, and maybe even produce a laugh or two along the way.

Thank you for checking out Animals Central. Our journey through the Animal World now begins!

-Fred Fichman, Author and Creator of Animals Central